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LivePrivates is an adult live webcam site which will go under a review in this article. It is located here and is a LiveJasmin labeled site. It offers around 35000+ models including male, female and transgender models. However, this number could vary as models might try out new websites.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t cost much and provides a wide range of models that differ from one to another in many different ways. Average charge is $1.20 – $4.00 per minute. This depends on the model you’ve selected. Everything is clearly stated and it is unlikely that you’ll miss anything If you do, it might happen only due to lack of your concentration, but I would call the site user friendly with no hidden intentions.

In order to join you’ll have to buy some initial credits. There are five different offers which provide bonus credits as you pay the higher price. The only option with no bonuses is the cheapest one – around $20. However, the site provides gift credits for any initial purchase. You will be able to make a credit plan, as there is an option offering self-renewal upon losing all credits. You can of course cancel this any time.

A wide range of models provides cam girls with different physical characteristics under which they’ve been categorized. Categorization goes under age, body type, hair color and so on. However, there are other things such as willingness of the model to perform different types of fetish. This is particularly nice as the site won’t force anyone being do something they are uncomfortable with. Categorization actually might make you feel like you know that those models agreed on their own behalf to perform what some might find uneasy. Also, it makes your search for the right model more of a breeze.

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The site can satisfy many different needs since it offers solo models as well as couples and group performances. Depending on what you are looking for you can select “fetish”, “hot flirt” or “soulmate”.

Models are all very satisfyingly looking and they seem professional. There are options with two-way audio which makes communication feel more intimate. There is a free chat lobby too with models – where you can decide if you want to go to private show. Private shows provide the best feeling of intimacy as well as they allow you to play with your own fantasies. Models are willing to do whatever you ask of them to and are responsive in the best way possible. Free chat rooms offer you an insight how the girl is looking and as you will find, promo pictures on the sites do not differ very much from the models when they are live and recording.

During the free chat models are active and do not just sit and wait for someone to spend credits and get into private show, but they actually make you want to do that. In my opinion they push the free period to the limits with their activity as well as with the environment they are in. It is all carefully chosen to please you as possible as it gets. Outfit is always very sexy and combined with all previously said it makes you feel like you are in a friendly virtual environment where the frontiers between virtual and real get really close, almost like there is none. Before going to private shows, there are photo galleries and model bios that you can check out.

There is an option of voting for models which makes it easier to grasp what the model is really like. This is really a good thing as it creates a competitive environment where models try to do their best to award medals helping them get more users. This is something that the users themselves are doing. Any site that provides content modified by users in any sense is always better, as users are not interested in profit – but what they came to get for their money.

This means that a model with more acknowledgements is not someone trying to rip you off, but someone who has achieved more than others by what they do. It is really a great thing, but if you don’t feel the need to, as a user, you don’t have to rate them. Overall, it is a highly ranked site. It provides high quality content and it is cheap as it gets.

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