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Cherry Pimps Live is one of todays’ most popular and trusted live adult cam websites on the internet. On this website, you have the ability to chat with both real porn stars as well as amateur models whilst watching them on cam. Chatting and video streaming on are live unless you request for pre-recorded shows. First and foremost, you need to know that this website operates under Like its parent webcam site,, doesn’t make users pay for trying the site. In this review, you will read about all the information that you need to know about this live webcam site.

The Look And Feel

The structure of this live cam website is well organized and simple. The website design is mainly made of five colors, namely: black (for the background), white (for the texts), red (for the texts & frames of the cams), yellow (for the rating stars), and green (for the status of the models). The homepage lists all the models that are online at that particular time. On The left side of the page, there are different categories of the modes. Beside each category, there is a figure which indicates the number of models that are live in that particular category at that particular time. The total number of all the live cams is also shown on the top of this list of categories for the models.

The website is so transparent that it can even be navigated by a complete dummy. You can have fun on this website while knowing that there are no hidden costs. What’s more, you can be sure that you won’t be charged anything unless you mean to get into a private show. Everything on this website is clearly marked.

CherryPimpsLive.Com Is a Multilingual Website

You can access this live adult cam website in a number of languages. While for some cam websites it’s only the FAQ section which is presented in multiple languages; for, it’s the entire website. These languages include: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.

Joining Cherry Pimps Live

It is absolutely free to create an account on and the process takes just about 30 seconds to complete. To go to the “Sign Up” page, just click the yellow “Join Free” link at the top of the page. The requirements for signing up include: a valid email address, preferred nickname, first name, last name and country selection. You may also need to present your credit card for verification. Your credit card won’t be charged unless you enter an area of the website which clearly requires payment. In order for to validate your credit card information, you are required to provide them with your address information. You are advised to keep this information up-to-date so as to avoid your live cam services from being interrupted. In case of any emergencies, CherryPimpsLive will contact you using this same contact information.

Display Name

The nickname that you provide when signing up is used as the display name. It is used as your username in chat rooms and other areas of the website. This nickname can be changed at any chosen time from your profile section.

Password Management and Resetting

Immediately after signing up, you will be sent an email containing your password. You can change that password by going to this link, “”.

In the event that you have forgotten your password, CherryPimpsLive can help you reset it via the email address that you used for signing up with the site. Click the “Forgot your password?” link below the login box at the top of the page to go to the forgot-password page where you can enter your email address. Cherry Pimps Live will immediately send you a link to your registered email address with guidelines on how you can reset your password. You should keep in mind that the link becomes unusable after one hour; therefore, you should ensure that you check your email’s inbox and reset the password as soon as you see the link.

Every now and then emails are sent to the junk or spam folder by mistake. To make certain that the emails from this live adult cam website reach your inbox, add their email address to your approved senders’ list.

Types of Memberships That Are Available On CherryPimpsLive.Com

i. Free Membership

After signing up, you are granted a free membership on this live adult cam website. This free membership allows you to chat with some of the models on the website.

ii. Premium Membership

If you want to have an even better experience on this website, get a premium membership by providing the site with your credit card details. In addition to being able to chat with all the models on the site, the other benefits of being a premium member include: rating the models, creating a list of favorite models, sending emails to performers, chatting with models in private sessions, getting alerts whenever your favorite models are online, and so on.

Costs of Memberships on CherryPimpsLive.Com

One of the reasons why people love this live adult webcam site is due to its payment system. Unlike some of the other adult cam websites which require you to purchase a package so as to be able to do any chatting on the website; on, you pay as you go or don’t pay anything at all. After taking 30 seconds to sign up for an account on, you receive a lifetime membership which doesn’t cost you anything. You only need to have a payment card just for that moment when you decide to have a one-on-one live webcam show. To summarize the whole point, this adult cam website offers free memberships. Even premium memberships are free.

CherryPimpsLive’s Models

There are more than 25 categories of models on this website, and the models are in all niches, for instance, new live cam models, milf, and/or porn stars. The site has more than 13,000 registered models. At any time of the day, there are over 1100 models that are online.

Profile Page of a Model

The profile page of each of the models on this live adult webcam site has a bio page which includes information about him/her, comments from the members, and the model’s schedule. Some models’ profile pages include sample pictures and videos. Many of the pictures can usually be viewed by all the members of the website including the guests whereas for the case of the videos, they are mostly available to registered members. The information in the models’ bios includes: name, gender, sexual orientation preference, country of origin, body appearance, features of the chat (i.e. Availability of audio and Quality of the video), the model’s turns on, expertise, language, and so on. Information on this page can help you get a hint on who the model is and what to expect while in her private chat room.

To view the profile page of a performer without turning on his/her live cam, just click directly on the name of that performer. You’ll still be able to turn on the live cam any time you want.

Ability to Create a List of Your Favorite Models

Every premium member can create a list of his or her own favorite models in the “My Account” section of the website. Whenever your favorite performer is online, he or she will always appear at the homepage of as well as at the top of your search results. You can access & view all your favorite performers from your “My Account” page.

The Procedure for Adding a Model to Your Favorites List

If you want to add a model who is currently performing live to your favorites list, just go to his/her bio page and click on the heart icon near the “Add to” text in the top right corner of the chat window of that particular model.

For the case of models that are offline, just click the “Add Me To Your Favorites” link on the quickview image of the model. If you haven’t enabled quickview yet, you can click the “Add Me To Your Favorites” link on the right of the model’s picture on his/her bio page.

Removing a Model from Your Favorites List

If you want to take a performer off your favorites list, just go to the bio page of that performer and click on the heart icon near the “Remove” text. Managing a favorites list can also be done from the “My Account” page. Just go to “My Favorite Performers” and click the “Remove Favorites” link below the picture of the model to remove him/her from your favorites list.

Notifications When Your Favorites Are Online

This feature allows you to receive notifications in form of text messages or an update of a personal RSS feed from whenever your favorite models start streaming.

If you want to receive automatic texts, follow the guidelines under “Mobile Notification” on the “My Favs” page. After verifying your phone number, go to your “My Favs” page and select “SMS when I’m online” under your favorite performers. Alternatively, you can click “Get Notified When I’m Online” on the profile of any of your favorite models to begin getting texts. Even though the service itself is free of charge, carrier charges might apply and for this reason, you should first check your phone’s SMS plan before turning this feature (the SMS notification feature) on. If you want to stop receiving the notifications, click “Cancel SMS Notifications” beside your phone number.

If you want to be notified through RSS feeds, follow the guidelines under “RSS Notifications”. After successfully tuning on the RSS notification feature, your feed will automatically be updated every time one of your favorite models gets online.

Blocking Offensive Members

The models of are provided with a feature which gives them the ability to block disrespectful/offensive members from their chat rooms. Once a member is blocked by a particular model, he/she will remain blocked permanently for that model.

Most Recent Chats

Your most recent chats are displayed on the left of the webpage below the different categories of the models. This feature is great because it grants you quick access to models that you have taken to private chat in the past that are not on your list of favorite models.

Search Features on CherryPimpsLive

Browsing and searching for models on Cherry Pimps Live is easy and can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

i. Using the Search Box

By typing a certain keyword in the search box and then clicking the search button, you can search for a specific model. You can type in the search box either the name of the performer that you would like to view, or any keyword to search the descriptions of the performers. If there is no exact match, the list of the search results will contain the closest matches to the keyword that you entered.

ii. Browsing the List of Categories

The left hand side of the webpage has a compiled expansive list of categories of the models that you can browse so as to find a model that fits your interests. On clicking your preferred link, you will be shown the models that meet that selection.

iii. Using the Advanced Search Feature

This is the most in-depth method of searching for models on In order to use this search feature, just click on the “Search” link in the navigation-bar at the page’s top section. Some of the different characteristics used by this feature to search for models include: gender, sex orientation, age, hair color, eye color, body build, ethnicity, height, breasts size, languages, and others. You can choose as few or as many of the characteristics as you want and you will be shown all the models who match your selections. The search results are ranked starting with the one that is closest to your selections. There is a box labeled “Exact matches only” on the right of the search box, and if you check it (the box) before clicking the “Search” button, you will be shown only the results that exactly match your selections.

Types of Shows on Cherry Pimps Live

i. Free Shows

These are two way chat sessions between you and the models in the public chat rooms. These chats are offered without any restrictions or times. While in these shows, you can chat a little and choose which model you can take to private chat.

ii. Gold Webcam Shows

These are full-on hardcore live sex shows in which several members can pay a flat fee to join, watch and chat with a model at the same time. These shows usually last for ten minutes. The model chooses when the show starts as well as what her or his goals are. For example, a goal can be for the bids to reach a total amount of money equal to $100 within 5 minutes. The starting price for entering the show is also determined by the model; however, it is usually in the range of $3 to $5. Once enough members pledge the amount which is equal to the model’s goal, the show starts. If the goal of the model isn’t met, the members are not charged. Many members on this live webcam site love these shows because they offer them very cheap adult webcam shows.

iii. Private Shows

Even though you will be able to video chat with any model who is available for free, you should not forget that these models are on the website to make money, and so the fully nude private shows aren’t free. Private shows allow you to take models to one-on-one chat rooms for a certain fee as dictated by that particular model. To enter a model’s private chat room, just click on the blue button which says “CLICK HERE TO ENTER MY PRIVATE LIVE SHOW”.

iv. Prerecorded Shows

Some of the models on Cherry Pimps Live have prerecorded videos that you can enjoy while you are on the website. These videos may either be recordings of the model’s previous live cam sessions or other performances. While watching prerecorded shows, you won’t be able to chat or interact with the performer.

v. Block Sessions

A block session can also be considered to be a type of a show. Block Sessions allow members to book and purchase large chunks of time at discounted rates as compared to the regular charge-per-minute for a model’s show. Block sessions are offered by only some members and are only available to a member if his/her daily limit permits the feature. You may continue with the block session after the allocated time period has passed provided that the model is available and your daily limit still allows the feature. If you continue with the session, you will get the reduced rate for the entire session.

Costs of the Shows on CherryPimpsLive.Com

Every model on this website sets his or her own price for the gold and private shows. The charges are per minute via any one of the major credit card payment methods. When you click the blue button to go into a model’s private show, a box will popup including his or her price per minute. You are given three options, that is, to confirm and enter into the model’s private chat room, exit and chat with the model for free, or just close/cancel the entire operation.

Adjusting Your Daily Limit

Every new user on CherryPimpsLive has a daily limit on using the full video chat features of the website. As soon as a user reaches his/her limit of the day, the chat that he/she is in closes automatically, and he/she is unable to log in until the following day. The good news is that when eligible, you can lower or raise your daily limit.

a. Lowering Your Daily Limit

If you want to decrease the amount of time you spend in chat, you have an option of decreasing your limit to as low as USD $25 per day. All requests to lower your daily limit are processed automatically.

b. Raising Your Daily Limit

If you want to increase the amount of time you spend in chat every day, send your request to raise your limit to the customer support. The customer support will also send you an email with a request to increase your daily limit. You will be required to reply this email so as to confirm that you really want your daily limit raised. From there, your request will be reviewed by the customer support team for approval. You will receive a reply of whether your request is granted or denied. If you want to raise your daily spending limit to more than $300/day, email your request directly to “”.

In some instances, you may be required to email or fax a hand-signed approval form to CherryPimpsLive authorizing them to increase your limit.

High Definition (HD) Videos

CherryPimpsLive’s website supports streaming of larger-sized, higher resolution videos. If you access the internet using a broadband connection (for instance, DSL or cable), this is a feature that you will really enjoy on CherryPimpsLive.

Models that stream high definition videos have an “HD” icon beside their names. This doesn’t mean that you are restricted to viewing only the HD videos of these models; if you prefer viewing smaller sized videos of these performers that do HD streaming, just click on the “Medium” or “Small” icon in the webcam preferences menu at the lowermost end of your chat session.

The email address that you use for signing up is the same one you use as your login name on the website. It (the email address) is also used by the website to email you your password, nickname, billing receipts, promotional offers about the website, newsletters, as well as any changes you may have made to your user account. If you want to stop receiving email newsletters, just click the “remove” link contained within the email.

You can update your contact information, nickname, personal profile or daily limit at any time you want by going to the “My Manage” page (

Video Zooming

As a registered user, what you want is to get the best view when video chatting with the models. Fortunately, you have the ability to change the size of the viewing screen so as to have a better view of the models on You can select from the 3 options of screen sizes that are available. If you want, you can link up your smart television and use that size which is right there in your sitting room.

Voice-To-Voice Chat

In addition to live text chatting while watching the model’s live cam, you can also speak directly to a model via the website’s confidential phone system. Not all models have this feature enabled; however, for the ones that have it, they have a “speaker” icon in the top right corner of their cams on the homepage. You can use this feature only when you are in an exclusive chat session.

Easy To End A Video Chat Session

Ending your video chat session is very easy and it is achieved by clicking the chat window’s “Disconnect” button. Going to another page also causes the video chat session to close/end. As soon as the show ends, so does the timer and the billing. The total bill is calculated to the nearest second.

If your video chat show closes due to a technical problem on your side, just reopen your web browser and log back in to the chat. If the model leaves the chat, you will automatically get disconnected as well.

Accepted Payment Methods on CherryPimpsLive

i. Credit Card

All the major credit cards are accepted when making payments on Examples of accepted credit cards include: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and others.

ii. Prepaid Cards accepts prepaid cards issued by the major brands, for instance, Visa, JCB, MasterCard, and so forth. You only need to enter your information like you would with any other card and as soon as the card has been authorized, you will be able to access all this adult cam website’s models. The minimum amount of funds you can add using your prepaid card is $25. You can add as more funds as is available on your prepaid card.

VAT Charge on the Bill (EU Members Only)

For users from the European Union, your bills may include a VAT (Value Added Tax) charge, as it is mandatory by the law for all purchases made on Value Added Tax is calculated when billing after subtracting the base charges from your daily limit. These charges don’t contribute to your daily limit.

Before making a taxable purchase, you’ll be informed of the Value Added Tax percentage that you are to be charged. The percentage is different for the different European Union countries. You are advised to inquire from your local government for more information on how VAT applies in your region.

Discrete Billing

This live adult cam website offers discrete billing to all its customers. Whenever you access any of services that require payment, any of the following will be displayed on your billing statement:




Required Software and Plugin

You need to open this live adult webcam site using the latest web browser. For a better user experience, it is also recommended that you ensure that you have enabled JavaScript in your browser’s settings.

Furthermore, you need the latest Adobe Flash Player plugin so as to be able to view the chat rooms and videos. If you want to test to see whether flash player is already installed on your computer, try to access the guest chat. If you successfully load the page, then you can be sure that you’ll also be able to access all the services of this website. If flash player isn’t installed on your computer, you will be urged to download and install it. By clicking on the “Adobe Flash Player” links on this page, you will be taken to the download page of the latest adobe flash player plugin.

If you encounter any problem with flash player or viewing chat rooms and/or videos, you should contact the customer support staff for assistance.

Support for Mobile Devices

You can enjoy nearly every feature that is offered by CherryPimpsLive on your mobile device. However, in order to be able to view the chat rooms and the videos, your mobile devices’ web browsers need to have inbuilt flash support.

CherryPimpsLive Uses a Very Secure System

When it comes to processing and storing personal information of the users, Cherry Pimps Live uses a very secure system. The form used for signing up and all the forms that are used for submitting your payment card information are totally secure and sent using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is a security technology which ensures that communication between computers is encrypted. No outsider can access your personal information except CherryPimpsLive’s trained staff.

The users’ information isn’t sold, traded, or given out to any third parties. To secure your privacy even more, you are recommended to never use any part of your email address as a nickname/username on the website.

The staff of CherryPimpsLive doesn’t ask users for their credit card or account information in chat rooms. All users are advised to never give out their information in chat rooms. You billing or account information can’t also be accessed by the performers. If a model or any other person asks you for personal (or sensitive) information via email or live chat, you should contact CherryPimpsLive’s customer support team as soon as possible because this is against the site’s policy.

A Detailed FAQ Section

The FAQ section includes some of the questions that are asked most frequently. Most of the questions regarding accounts, passwords, billing and many other technical issues are included and answered in this section. If you fail to find a solution to your queries or concerns, contact the website’s customer support staff to get an instant response.

The Quality of CherryPimpsLive’s Customer Support Services

Like any serious business or service provider, CherryPimpsLive wants to ensure that all its customers (or users) are satisfied with the services that are offered. This is why they have a reliable and very effectual customer support staff.

If the information found in the FAQ section doesn’t answer your queries to your full satisfaction, you can contact the customer support team via live chat, email or phone.

Their email address is “”.

There are different phone numbers that you can use to contact the customer support team depending on your current location. If you are in the United States of America, you can use 1-866-941-3982. Other countries and their phone numbers include:

• Great Britain: 0-800-098-8202.

• Canada: 1-866-941-3982.

• Australia: 1-800-972-031.

• Germany: 0-800-181-0993.

• France: 0800-903292.

• Italy: 800-875-206.

• Switzerland: 0800-896-441.

If you don’t come from any of the countries listed above, you can call CherryPimpsLive’s customer support via +1-206-438-0241.

The customer support staff is available to assist all the users of the site 24-7 throughout the year.

Closing Your CherryPimpsLive.Com Account

The basic services offered by CherryPimpsLive are free and the site doesn’t charge any monthly fees. Nevertheless, if in any case you want to deactivate and close your account, simply go to the website’s account closure page at “”.

You should also know that you can reactivate your account at any time in the future when you want to start using CherryPimpsLive’s services again.

The Bottom Line

Members on don’t have to worry about using mysterious virtual currency (for instance, tokens) when paying for live chat shows. Due to its post-pay business model, you won’t have to pay anything in advance. Basing on the fact that the number of members using this live adult webcam site is in millions, it is safe to say that many people trust this website. Being one of the most visited live adult cam website in the world, has so much to lose if it cheats you; therefore, it is safe to use.

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