Camgasm is one of the latest live adult webcam websites and it’s a sister to the already established The major difference between Camgasm and the other live adult cam websites (including Chaturbate) is its high-end classy encounters. Unlike Chaturbate where naked shows are like basically free for everyone, Camgasm is geared toward very elegant, sophisticated webcam girls who won’t be offering any nude chat in the site’s free areas. Unlike some of the webcam sites which allow models to seduce internet surfers with half-nudity, Camgasm considers that as not being classy and hence that act isn’t tolerated on the website. Read the paragraphs below to know what this brand new adult webcam site has to offer.

Signing Up With Camgasm.Com

Creating an account on is free of charge. To register with this live webcam site, go to “”. Basically, signing up requires you to submit only your username and password. Providing your email address is optional. After creating your free account, you will be able to chat with the other members of the site and also view the cams of their public chat rooms.

Furthermore, the registration process doesn’t require you to present your credit card.

Models on Camgasm

As it is the case with all the other live adult webcam sites, Camgasm has several models that are available to you to chat with as soon as you browse the website. However, Camgasm sets the expectations of users higher than ever with a list of the hottest non nude cam models and providing them to anyone that joins the webcam site. These models can only become nude when in private chat. has high expectations for both the models that appear on their website as well as the viewers that engage in intimate meetings with the models in nude private chat.

The webcam models include women, men, couples and trans-genders. These models are of different body types, breast sizes, ages, and so on. At the moment, since the site is still very new, there isn’t so much information about the models of Camgasm; however, you should expect to find high-end young adults and complete hotties of different ages being featured as the site’s top models.

Blocking a Country/State

Camgasm has a feature which allows models to block certain states or countries from viewing their cams for their (the models’) personal reasons. By going to the “Broadcaster Settings” under the “Settings” tab in the “My Profile” section, a model can specify countries and states that can access his/her cam.

Camgasm’s Mods (Moderators)

These are users who work along with the broadcasters to make sure the broadcast is of good quality. Some of the duties of the moderators include: communicating with the broadcaster, encouraging members to tip the models, explain to viewers in case a broadcast encounters a problem, thank viewers who give tips to their models, inform viewers about the goals of the model, answer the viewers’ repetitive questions, and so much more. That being said, a moderator’s most important job is to observe the chat log throughout the course of the broadcast. Mods examine the messages sent by the members during the broadcast and if a member breaks any of the rules that the broadcaster might have, they (the mods) have the authority to silence that member.

Some models find certain requests, behavior or language offensive and it’s the moderator’s responsibility to or not to discontinue that user from viewing the broadcast. Mods can stop users from chatting with the model for a period of six hours. A broadcaster can set the expiration period for his/her moderator. The expiration period can range from one day to six months.

In case a model appoints you to be his/her moderator, you should avoid coming off as dominating. Don’t forget the fact that the performance is fully focused on the broadcaster and you’re just a favor to the model. Showing respect to all the viewers in the chat room of a model so as to uphold a fun environment is also a very important aspect of a good moderator.

Rules of Camgasm.Com

This live webcam site has rules for both the broadcasters as well as the members. These rules can be found in the site’s terms of service and they include:

General Rules for All the Users of the Website (Broadcasters and Members)

• The use of abusive language while broadcasting or chatting is prohibited. This includes hate and racism speech.

• Harassing users for whichever reason is also greatly discouraged. This includes promoting and spamming other models in public chat rooms. Any person that causes issues with the other users is banned from using the website.

• Users mustn’t record or share any performance of the broadcasters.

Rules for the Models/Broadcasters

Below are some of the rules that the models of Camgasm must abide by:

• Nudity isn’t allowed in free chat. Lingerie and Thongs/G-Strings are allowed; however, pasties and covering a nude body with hands isn’t permitted.

• Models aren’t allowed to upload free nude photos and/or videos to their profiles.

• Broadcasting whilst intoxicated is not allowed. Models are expected to broadcast when they are sober and in their right minds.

• A maximum of 5 models may broadcast themselves at the same time.

• Sleeping while broadcasting is not permitted.

• Models aren’t allowed to broadcast themselves from an open (or public) place; however, they can broadcast themselves from a private & enclosed yard where other people can’t see them.

• The only form of payment that the models are supposed to accept is the tokens.

• A model isn’t allowed to ask a user to chat with him/her from another place other than the website’s chat rooms.

Buying Tokens on Camgasm.Com

Buying tokens on is somewhat easy to do. Tokens are used to take the models of this adult webcam site to live private chat where they can play and get naked with you (the registered member). To buy tokens, you can click “Get More” in the box next to your profile name while you are logged in to your account. If you are in the chat room of a model, you can buy tokens by either clicking on the “Get More Tokens” link beneath the cam of the model, or clicking the “Purchase Tokens” link which appears in a window which pops up after clicking the “Send Tip” button.

You can buy tokens using any of the methods below:

i. Buying tokens via Credit Card (Epoch)

Purchasing tokens using a credit card through the Epoch process is the fastest and easiest way to load credit into your Camgasm account. It is the first option in the list of the available methods of payment. The cards that are accepted include: Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

ii. Buying Tokens via Bank/Wire Transfer

The minimum value of tokens you can purchase using wire/bank transfers is USD $250.00. When using this method of payment, all the tokens are bought at USD $0.08 per token. For example, if spend $500 on tokens, you will receive 6250 tokens in your account. If you want to get the latest information on wire transfers, contact the customer support.

iii. Buying tokens via certified check or Money order

If you prefer buying tokens via certified check or money order to other payment methods, the payment should be made payable to Interactive Technologies, LLC and sent it to: Interactive Technologies, LLC, 23615 El Toro Road X344, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Ensure that your username and email address are noted/enclosed on the check’s memo line. Money orders and certified checks are accepted in only US dollars. The minimum purchase you can make using this method of payment is $160. Unfortunately, personal checks aren’t accepted at Camgasm at the moment.

Other Methods of Payment

Besides the methods described above, Camgasm has over 37 other methods of payment which are fast, safe & easy to use. If you would like to use any of these payment methods, simply select Epoch and scroll down to view the options that are available in your region/area.

If you are unsuccessful in finding a method which is favorable to your needs, contact customer support for more help.

The Packages of Tokens That Are Available

The packages of tokens are available at the time of adding credits to an account. If all the available token packages are lower than the one you wish to buy, contact the customer support for assistance. Below are the available packages of tokens.

• 650 tokens cost $99.95.

• 450 tokens cost $74.95.

• 275 tokens cost $49.95.

• 150 tokens cost $29.95.

• 80 tokens cost $17.95.

How to Raise Your Spending Limit on Camgasm.Com

Every single account on Camgasm has a limited number of transactions that it can execute within a given period of time. In case you encounter such a scenario, you can either re-try buying tokens at a later time, or just raise your spending limit.

Email the following items to the customer support team so that they can help you increase your spending limit via the credit card method of payment.

• A photograph of your credit card’s front & back side. Apart from the last four digits of the card number, the rest of the digits should be covered.

• A photograph of your ID photo.

• A photograph of the completed and hand signed authorization form. Digitally signed forms aren’t accepted by Camgasm.

Raising the spending limit for the first time entitles the user to a bonus of 200 tokens. If you still wish to increase your spending limit, you must wait for at least 3 months to pass.

Your Credit Card Has Been Declined, What Then?

If Camgasm’s processor declines your card at any time, you will receive an error. You should try to see if the card works the following day or after a few days. If it still fails, try using another credit card. If you completely fail to buy tokens using your credit card, you can try using other payment methods which don’t involve the use of credit cards, for example, money order, certified check or bank wire. For more information, contact the customer care.

Getting a Refund

As it is the case with its sister cam website, Camgasm also offers refunds. Get in touch with the website’s Billing Support by sending them an email or calling them via (877)338-7068. When inquiring about this request, don’t forget to add your username.

Private Shows

These are the shows which let you take your favorite performers into a private chat room just to yourself. For the case of the broadcasters, it is their best way of earning tokens. Every broadcaster can set his or her own price for how much he/she charges per minute. You should not forget that according to the rules set by the website for the broadcasters, the only time for the performers to be nude on the website is during private shows.

If you want to start a private show, simply click “Start Private Show” beneath the camera window of the broadcaster. This will cause an information box to popup and it’ll include the cost per minute of the broadcaster’s show. This popup window will also inform you if you’ll get the show’s recording.

Before initiating a private show, first talk with the model and get her/him to agree to you terms.

Spying On a Private Show

Camgasm has a feature which allows you to spy on a private show of a broadcaster. If you’ve got a broadcaster that you want to spy on, go to his/her account and click the “Spy On This Private Show” link which he/she has in the middle of where his/her broadcast usually appears. Scroll through the shows by clicking the “Spy Shows” tab, this will give you access to broadcasters that are in private shows. Spying on the cams of some models requires the users to first have a certain minimum amount of tokens in their accounts. Spy shows are charged at a given number of tokens per minute.

Private Show Recordings

Camgasm gives members an option of saving private show recordings to their collections. You can’t access the private show recordings unless you are logged in to your account. Some of the broadcasters turn off this feature and if that is the case for the model that you have chosen, you will be informed when the private show is starting. If the “private show recordings” feature is enabled by your preferred model, you’ll find the recordings under the “My Collection” tab. Before engaging in a private chat, first talk and negotiate with the model.

Fan Club Membership

This is one of the ways through which members can support their much loved performers. You become a fan club member by subscribing to the fan club of your favorite model. Furthermore, fan club members get free access to all the videos & photos of their favorite broadcasters. You may join as many fan clubs as you wish.

How to Join a Fan Club

If there is a link in the top right corner of the model’s bio which says “Join X’s fan club”, where X stands for the username of that specific model, then that means that that model has enabled his or her fan club membership. To subscribe to that fan club, just click that link to go to the billing-page where you can finalize your subscription.

How to Cancel Your Fan Club Membership

If you want to cancel your fan club membership, click “My Profile” in the top right section of the website and then go to the “Memberships” tab. After cancelling your membership, you will be sent a confirmation email which will also contain the date when your access to that fan club will end.

A Different Color for Every Username

You can easily identify the category of a particular user basing on the color of his/her username. The different categories of users and their subsequent colors include:

• Orange colored usernames are for broadcasters.

• Red colored usernames are for moderators.

• Light Blue colored usernames are for members that have bought or own tokens.

• Dark Blue colored usernames are for members that have tipped the performers a minimum of 50 tokens within the previous two weeks.

• For members that have tipped broadcasters at least 250 tokens and 1000 tokens, their usernames are displayed in Light Purple and Dark Purple colors respectively.

• For members that do not possess tokens in their Camgasm accounts, their usernames are displayed in grey color.

• The usernames of the fun club members of a model are displayed in a green color during chat sessions.

Buying Videos and Photos

Some of the photos and videos that are uploaded by the performers may be viewed for free while others may require you to pay a given number of tokens so as to unlock them. Videos and photo sets that are locked are displayed with the amount of tokens required to unlock them. Clicking on any of these locked items will cause a new window to open up so that you can sanction the purchase.

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, Camgasm provides you with a way of resetting it. In order to reset your password, simply go to “”, enter your email address and click the “Reset My Password” button. You’ll be sent an email containing your password reset information.

Sending a Private Message (PM)

Sending a private message on is easy. Just click on the username of the person you intend to send a private message in the users list or chat, and then choose “Send Private Message”.

Changing Your Username

At the moment, there isn’t any feature that you can use to change your current username. If you don’t want to continue using your current username and want to use another one, you are advised to create a brand new account and then choose the new username that you want to start using.

Cam Score

This is used to determine the placement of a model’s chat room on the home page of Cam score is based on the amount of revenue generated by a model while broadcasting, as well as his/her cash-out per token. A model with a higher cam score gets more visitors, which in turn ranks his/her chat room better on the homepage. If you are a model and would like to look at your cam score, click your username and choose the “Cam Score” tab. If a model chooses a high cash out price per token while his or her chat room doesn’t have many visitors, the placement of his/her chat room on the homepage will end up being lowered.

Studio Accounts

Camgasm allows users to create studio accounts. If there is any model that wants to perform in your studio, just give them this link: “” where “xx” represents your username. Every broadcaster who creates an account using that link will be added to your studio. For that URL to work well, it must all be in lowercase. Preexisting models can’t be manually added to a studio account by a user. If you want to add a preexisting model to your studio, contact the customer support for assistance. The maximum number of models that you can add to your studio is five.

How to See Your Studio Stats

Every day at 12am (Pacific Standard Time zone), your studio account receives tokens from the models in your studio.

Follow the steps below to view the earnings of your studio models:

• After logging in to your studio account, go to the page’s footer and click “Affiliates”.

• Click “Stats”.

• Click the drop down box in “Stats breakdown” to get “Sub Account”.

While here, you’ll see each model’s statistics for the selected range of the dates.

Account Deletion

There isn’t any reason to why Camgasm should continue holding your account and information if you don’t want to be part of their community anymore. This is why this live cam website offers you the “Delete Account” feature located at the bottom of the website’s homepage. Using this feature, you can delete your account from the website.

Camgasm.Com’s Customer Support

This live adult cam website has a detailed FAQ section which has nearly every question that both the members and models can ever ask. In this section, there are links to the “Contact-Us” page where you can email your query to the customer support team.

Using Emoticons on Camgasm.Com

The growth of social media has increased the significance of the use of pictures (emoticons) to represent feelings. There are scientific studies that prove that the use of emoticons makes the user appear more popular and friendlier. Camgasm supports the use of emoticons so that the users can cultivate all their (the emoticons’) advantages.

If you want to use emoticons, click the smiling face (yellow in color) located at the text entry bar’s right hand side while you are still in the “chat” tab of the broadcaster. This will reveal emoticons that you can use in chat. If you want to see more user uploaded emoticons & gifs that are ready for use, just click on the “More Emoticons” link.

If you type “:” followed by the first letter of the emoticon that you want to use in the performer’s text entry bar, you’ll be shown a list of emoticons which start with that letter.

The process of uploading emoticons follows the steps noted below:

1. Go to this link, “”

2. Click the “other options” drop-down menu.

3. Select “Upload New Emoticons”.

4. Upload the URL of the image.

Any user that has tokens in his/her account can upload and use emoticons. Posting anything that is illegal, copyrighted, offensive or inappropriate in nature is not allowed.

Apps and Bots on Camgasm.Com

Apps enable users to customize their chat room experience. A user can use apps to set timers, alter messages, send messages to the chat room, and also count tips.

Bots are some kind of special apps. Even though they don’t serve as many functions as the apps, they still play a major role in the chat room. You can launch multiple bots tailored to your own style as a broadcaster.

If you want to use Camgasm’s apps and/or bots, just go to “My Profile” and click the “Apps & Bots” tab (shown by default).

Anyone that knows how to write JavaScript can create an app/bot. You can also choose to improve an already existing app or bot since they (the apps/bots) are open source. Simply copy & paste an app’s (or bot’s) source code, revise it, and then produce your own custom-made app/bot. If you want to learn how you can create your own apps and bots, the best way to achieve this is by looking at the source codes of some of the featured apps/bots. Remember to show some appreciation to the creators of the apps or bots that you are trying to copy.

You also have the ability to suggest an app and/or a bot. Go to “” to submit your proposal. If you want to view the full list of all the current app/bot suggestions, go to “”.

Use of Camgasm.Com on Mobile Devices

Camgasm’s management team recommends using a Mac or PC with the latest possible version of browsers. Viewing on Mobile devices isn’t recommended because the limitations of the browsers of mobile phones or tablets may hinder the use of the website’s full features. When using a PC, the most recommended browser is Google Chrome.

At the moment, you can chat, tip, watch videos and hear sound on iOS devices. Even though some of this live webcam site’s features (such as private shows) aren’t functioning well yet, you can still use your iOS device to enjoy all the benefits offered by

You can also view on some of the android devices which can run flash player without encountering any problems; nevertheless, if Flash Player fails to run on your android device, try to add “?use_html_chat=1” at the end of every chat room’s address.

Camgasm’s Affiliate Program

You can make some extra dough through Camgasm’s affiliate program. Affiliate marketing enables you to get commissions for every new user that you refer to the website. This is accomplished through special tracking links. The different methods of earning money using Camgasm’s affiliate program include:

i. Pay-Per-Free

This offers affiliates an opportunity to earn up to $1.00 for every person from a Tier-1 country who signs up for free on Since this adult webcam site’s registration process doesn’t require a credit card or email address, your conversions will be boosted like never before. You also earn $0.5 and $0.01 for every signup if it is from a tier-2 and tier-3 countries respectively.

ii. Rev-Share

This is a tiered system which allows affiliates to earn up to 40% revshare. The more your referrals spend or sell, the higher are your percentage earnings. Every affiliate starts at 10%. There are a number of tiers for this affiliate program and they include:

• 10% for every affiliate irrespective of his or her referred sales per week.

• 20% for every affiliate who generates $2,500 of referred sales each week.

• 30% for every affiliate who generates $15,000 of referred sales every week.

• 40% for every affiliate who generates $50,000 of referred sales every week.

iii. Broadcaster Bonus

Other than making money through revshare, as an affiliate, you can also monetize the traffic of your model. Camgasm offers a commission of $50 for every model that signs up with this live cam website. In order to earn this commission, the broadcaster must first make $20 on the website. Camgasm welcomes male, female, couples, transgender and group accounts; nearly everybody who is 18 years or older can earn money by performing on the website. Best of all, the links used by both the customer and model referral programs are similar.

iv. Webmaster Referral

If you refer a webmaster to Camgasm’s affiliate program, you will be able to earn 5% on his/her affiliate marketing earnings.

Promotional Tools for Camgasm’s Affiliate Program

There are numerous tools that can be used by affiliates. Some of them include:

a. Banners

There are numerous banners that affiliates can choose from. Some of them include: straight & gay banners, static or animated banners, as well as other banners that can be used for promoting the model referral program.

b. API

This enables you to integrate into your websites and other products.

c. Lander/Niche Deep-Links

There are a variety of landing pages to choose from. These include pages showing random chat rooms, different genders, signup pages, and many more.

d. Cam Listing

This enables iFrame embed of the available models.

e. Embed Webcam & Chat Room

This enables the affiliate to integrate a chat room directly into his/her website. There are different niche chat rooms to choose from.

f. RSS

Affiliates are offered RSS feed that they can integrate into their blogs, social media pages or websites.

g. Instant Messenger Ads

This allows an affiliate to add IM style sites to his/her blog or website. The choice can either be straight or gay.

Payment for affiliate marketing can be received via Payoneer, Paxum or Check. Keep in mind that you can’t receive a payout unless you reach a certain minimum amount of earnings. The required minimum for most of the methods is $50. Your referrals must sign up through your referral links, otherwise you won’t receive any bonuses.

The Bottom Line

Camgasm offers a wide range of models at equitable prices as well as an easy-to-use, sleek interface which is a pleasure to browse. After watching this adult webcam site’s HD cams, you can be sure that you will find it hard to watch a model who isn’t using an HD webcam again. Even though Camgasm is still new in the game, it is evidently clear that it is one of best elite cam websites on the internet today.

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