Total Webcam

Total Webcam

Total Webcam is a gorgeous site with a vast choice of webcam girls to satisfy every wish you can have. On entering the site, you are already carried on with all types to choose from: webcam girls, trance, gay, lesbo.. It’s like an enormous feast, and you can have anything you want. You may be used to have that much choice on adult sites, but those are only videos, and here you can get a private session with every single one of your fantasies.

The only thing that doesn’t let you get carried away too soon is the necessity to pay for it, but comfortably enough the credits are purchased in bunches of 25, so just for a while you can forget that part and plunge yourself into the most exquisite type of satisfaction – seeing a beautiful woman do whatever you like.

Another incentive to get you going are the so called “happy hour” sessions: you get three minutes to guide the goddess who chooses to make herself an instrument to pleasure others – and she shows you around her life, doing even the simplest of things. There are others in line to have their go, but for three minutes you have the control, and others can see it, and it feels like heaven. Tipping her generously you can win a 50% discount on a private session afterwards, to show her your gratitude and let her be your private star of the hour.

There could be some downsides to the site, like the design, or not so evident an interface, but it takes only moments to get used to it, and you probably won’t even notice such a thing, being too caught in the process of having fun. You can start as a voyeur, spying on others, to get yourself going and to get to know different girls, to pick up your favorites and give them more attention when you can have access to more features.

The page with favorites is a handy thing and gets updated every now and then to keep up with your latest desires. You just have to tick the girl you liked as a favorite to be able to find her right away any other moment, one mouse click away. It’s also very inspiring to see a list of keywords at the end of the page, in case you get confused, or just need some hint, there it is, under your nose, some words that can give you the right direction to start from.

What was particularly useful for me is the way this site works on mobile devices. You know those moments when you don’t want to have your laptop with you, but still wish for a full relaxation – TotalWebcam can follow you anywhere, and you can still get everything you could from the platform.

Another impressive feature you find on Total Webcam is the possibility to hook up your own webcam to the chat and have the woman you wish to talk to invert roles – she can see you, and if you wish so, she can be the one ordering you around. We all know that sometimes letting the woman lead (especially such a talented as ones that you can find on this website) is the best way to get pleasure.

Probably the cherry on the cake are the “Celebrity Chat Events” when stars and models of adult movies flaunt themselves for sessions, and sometimes it even happens for free. You can get your moment to connect with the woman you have seen on TV more than once, but always as a mere viewer. You can actually get the chance to talk to her, show her your appreciation and probably even tell what is it that is so special in her that gets you going more than in others.

To let you have the opportunity to not have your head busy with some serious stuff, the team of the platform is always ready to give you their informational and technical support, and there’s nothing as relaxing as having your back covered and not having to think about technical details.

To summarize it all, it remains one of the preferred sites on my computer – being easy to deal with, having such a great choice, and some genuinely rewarding features, I never regret coming back.

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