Well, those thousands of cam girls on LiveJasmin will easily tell you that this is not a new site. The site has been in operation for a long time. Basing our arguments on its activities, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the oldest cam girls sites around even? The site is well designed, with pictures of cute models whom by a glance you will note that they are quite ready to give it all for you. They are certainly not afraid to pose in front of a camera and have their images displayed on the internet, so that they can make money, while entertaining good people like yourself.

Whether you have a special cam girl in mind, or if you are open to enjoy any girl: redhead, blonde, Latin, ebony, girls who all have beautiful lips and nice bodies, LiveJasmin should be your ultimate cam site of choice. Being one of the most popular cam girl sites out there, you will easily access beautiful girls, couples and guys who are ready and willing to have one-on-one cam sex with you, regardless of who you are. All with cam services featured in HD at any time of the night or even the day.

With such a huge number of webcam models, the site is very busy. Fortunately, the site is well redesigned to accommodate the needs of all users. This means that you are assured of hooking up with a model for cam chat, irrespective of the thousands of members who will be engaging other models at that very time. The cams are perfectly balanced with the new all day live TV-channels, which are constantly streaming around the clock.

With this perfect and well thought out platform, the site’s engineers managed to ensure they showcase their models extremely well, bringing you a good time simply to browse through as many cam models as you can while identifying their availability and recommendations. Just like other sexy webcam sites, the models work on the principle of quality and offering a variety of cam girls who are ready to spoil you…

There is a lot to say about the design. For instance, LiveJasmin, unlike other cam sites offers picture-choosing method with pictures taken at a rewarding resolution, so that you can easily figure out what she is like at a glance. Yes, you can easily understand whether the girl is a cute face, nice ass, if you have big boobs or petite.

Click to load up

Once you have browsed through the models, your remaining task is to practically click on a photo allow it to load up in her large camera with high resolution. This is another very exciting thing with this site. Almost all models are watched in a highly defined camera. I guess was not the only one who realized this. If you read LiveJasmin reviews online, you will as well realize other users has noted about the same thing. If it’s your first time, be prepared for a real good experience. You will not help but gasp at those stunning videos, that shows in a crystal clear mode girls playing with their pussy, tits or even flattering with you. If you are not in that private chat, these girls re well trained to tease you, to duck their faces or make any of those chicly insinuations that they really want you. This will automatically lure you into the whole chatting thing, even if you were not really prepared for it.

Wait a minute! Amazing thing with these cam girls is they tend to take up control, and lead the way and make you submit even if you are hard.

Read their bio

Perhaps you are the type of a guy who will prefer to read their bios before getting down to the reality of the action. Yes, the site developers knew that models might encounter just people like you. Therefore, they have included an icon on the side of that streaming image, which when you click, will link you to the model’s bio. Here, you can easily pull up vids if she has, or a gallery of pictures. This will give you a quick link in what she is into, or which services she can exactly do for you. Yes, you are the boss here, and she will be at your service from start to the end. If there is any voting session going on, you can do that for her, or even send her several gifts, or run and buy some credits that is, if you are low, just to have her more and more. I think these women are not hooked out from streets to come and be entertainers; they are classy ladies who know what they want in a man.

Don’t worry about the rates

Things are reasonable when it comes to rates. Perhaps the administrators understood they are competing with other webcam sites, and so they have tried to make things as simple as possible for you. In most case, you will realize models are charging like 1.99 credits per minute. Just imagine your 1.99 credit per minute will make you interact with couples, beautiful webcam models and even handsome men. Did I say handsome men? Yes, the site does not only concentrate on females alone. Don’t you thing even female need to be entertained? In case of a female straight client, what will happen? They need men, which is very impressive! This means per every minute, you will be spending like $ 3.5 dollars, although this depends entirely on the package of initial minutes you purchase. The secret is here, the more you think of spending at once, the more you will get dollars or credits. Work out your mathematics before deciding to chat a model. Be assured that when you visit the site, men are very few, but you will meet almost a thousand plus women, ready to connect and chat with you. This means most of the clients are straight men.

From LiveJasmin reviews, I also learnt that couples are either straight or lesbians. You will be surprised how they are fervent to allow you watch them as they have sex. Even though some of these models are of average ages, they are stunning and have that beautiful look just the way a young beautiful lady would look like. This means that at least you have to be prepared with good credits to avoid being locked out when the show is also at its climax. The site has also considered to include 18 years old models and older MILF, just to give you that wide range of choices.

Models’ origins

Well as per my experience with LiveJasmin, I realized that majority of the model comes from Europe; however, you will never miss models from Asia and US or even U.K. Apart from that, LiveJasmin also works with models from their studios. According to several online LiveJasmin reviews, the site has managed to secure several models working from affiliate studios. The performers here, are offered a complete anonymity however, they are readily located to make you jump in excitements when you see them in their professional mood.

It offer free preview

This should be a rule. LiveJasmin usually offer free preview, although this happens mostly on individual performers, who did not have permission to select that option of remain being accessible to only those registered members. In most case, these performers are said to be top webcam girls from the LiveJasmin’s database.


LiveJasmin’s streaming as said is noted to be among the best webcam streaming system in the globe; and its built by that company which is behind LiveJasmin by the name clear cash. The site’s streaming depends on things such as the bandwidth, the camera of the performer and bandwidth of the performer. However, it efforts to give all clients equal viewing and chatting experience, the performers stick to a high definition streaming. This means, the LiveJasmin team have usually sort the models’ appearance, their performing bandwidth and also their camera. Just to make your users get special treatment. People, this is how a team dedicated for quality work!

Categorizing the models

Guess this part required a good technical team at the start. If you visit the site, you will be amazed to realize a scrupulous sorting has been done, where models are categorized as follows. The first selection is of girls who are categorized under free adult webcams. They are mostly of the youngest in age that is between the ages of 18 to 22. This has been done without any restrictions racial and body instances. Because, you will find blonde ladies, whites, Asian, Ebony, those with big tits and small and many more. The site has lesbians too just as said, and they are categorized as above. There is this mature female category; they are mommies, with big tits, Ebony, Asian, Blonde, white and surprisingly even granny.

Another category is the fetish female. Under this category, you will meet the leather, latex, uniformed and masked. For those who love threesomes, they also have a chance in this game. Under threesome section, you will not fail to meet either two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy and even three girls. This section is also graced with interracial encounters. The couple section on the other hand, features hardcore, interracial and anal show. Guess you will love that; LiveJasmin admin were very serious in what they were doing, and ensured no even one single excitement will pass without you noticing.

Hu! There is a boy section too. Here, you will get boys between age group of 18 to 22, both skinny and muscular, Asian, white and Latino. The gay group also has not been left behind. If you are a gay lover, you have found the right place to fulfill your fantasies from. The site also features transvestite category. They also range from the ages of 18 to 22. White, Latino, Ebony and Asians; you will encounter the shemale groups, the get married, both men and women, making friends; and here it involves boys and girls and dating which also includes boys and girls.

The members’ area

If you decide to visit this place, you will encounter options directions for booking your favorite model, or even search for those favorites. You can as well operate your account by buying credit, the help region just to help you in case you are lost. However, those who usually find it needs to have the help portion are the models. This helps a lot when it comes to complaints filed by the models in regards to payment options and if they are having any difficulties at their end. The site also formulated in a way that it will show your account balance. Guess you will need to understand whether you are running low on your credit, or have enough so that you can start a session. This understanding will enable you to general make correct decisions, so that you might enjoy any session you engage in throughout from start to last.

Fortunately, you can easily pay your affordable rates in different currencies. For instance, you can decide to use the dollar currency, Euro, Canadian, pounds, Norwegian and Swedish Krona, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and even Danish Krona. Understand also that in most cases, the payments are only done by the CC, and then the card is made in a way to be accepted by the LiveJasmin. Therefore, if you have any payment methods such as visa or master cards, maestro, electron, discover, solo and jcb, you will be allowed to watch and chat with your model as far as your money will take you.

According to LiveJasmin reviews, it is notable that the site has very good reputation. A customer review who has been on the site for more than a year serving three hours each day agrees that the site is one of its kinds. However, this model confessed that she is not into the public thing. She even does not ask for tips, all that she is restricted to is to let the user go in private, and she becomes his. Well, this also takes us to another point, that the models control the chat or video show. They are very flexible to choose who to stay online with, and who to keep off. Of course they are after making money and so they will not allow it for users to miss-handle them, and waste their precious time. If you have money, then you will be comfortable on this site, and any other webcam site.

The site’s payouts are bi-weekly, and they pay a minimum of like $ 100. Support team is very prompt, and so if you are opting to become one of LiveJasmin’s site models, then be assured that your answers will be dealt with accordingly. One noticeably thing with the site is that it has placed very high standards on those models who want to join. For instance, a recent update to the sites HD encoder only permits very high quality broadcasting as compared to other webcam companies. Therefore, apart from considering only payments issues when you are applying, make sure you also consider having a high-tech webcam and also have a consistent speed of over 1.5mb/s. Otherwise, you might be locked out of the race to becoming LiveJasmin’s webcam model, and with their nice pay, you might have lost a lot.


There is no ��dry spell’ when it comes to LiveJasmin. Whether you visit the site very early in the morning, or even very late in the evening, or even at night, you will still be amazed on the number of girls who are online. You will always be confronted with over a thousand ladies. Plenty is never enough with LiveJasmin; its variety is also just amazing. You might even find it hard to have the females you want to chat time with promptly if you are new, because they are many; only gurus of the site will quickly find a lady, but for new visitors, you will have to go extra miles. Just have time, compose yourself and go for it. Good thing is that the site is very much simple to navigate, and so you won’t fail to find someone to chat to at the end of the day.

There is hope

If you are new, you can as well use the filter, which the site offers. You can easily make use of that drop down box, just next to the your search box, and you will definitely find several options, ranging from hair to color, to tit size, even willingness; and this will with no time help you settle on the model you want to have. Willingness includes the real services, which the model offers, such as deap-throat for couples, squirting, anal for couples also and dominant to mention a few. Better use this option of search; it will definitely ease your search time. Another advantage is that if you choose LiveJasmin, you are assured of a high HD sex cam, which almost every girl is offering, due to the strictness of the site during application process. Perhaps this is why the site is rated as one of the best cam site in the world. The only challenge might be if you expand to full screen, you might start seeing a blurred image; however, the small screens are pretty good to give you a mind-blowing experience with your model. This therefore makes full screen even unnecessary, however if you find a model who took time to have camera well set for you, do can go full screen. There is no harm to it. With this site, be assured of not spending a lot of hours in front of your camera so as to get what you need. The site offers reliable loading speed, just to give you what you need by a click of a mouse. This site therefore as said it is very perfect, and therefore without doubt a site you can recommend any model aspirant out there.

Just as a wakeup call, the moment you sign up an account with the site, you will get several teasers just for free, perhaps they want to see if you are up to the task. The site has completely dealt with any possible teasers. No more older technologies here, the developers seem to be well versed with what they should be giving their members. This is what ensures easy navigation of the site with minimal efforts ever. Besides, you can as well use your tablet to log in or even you smart phone. This means the site is very much adaptable with mobile platforms. No any huge limitations will you encounter when accessing the site through the mobile. Only that you will have to get used to smaller pictures; however you can comfortably engage a model from any place you are, at any time, as long as if you have your Smartphone or a tablet.


The qualities of the site’s cams, makes it a site you should not ignore. Besides, the site has a lot of cam models, all connected on the just to give the world that unique experience all the time. Be it at night or during the day, or even in the morning. You can still log into your account and chat with a model. There is no doubt this is one of the best and engaging cam site streaming today. It therefore makes sense to use your money on something, which is worth your hard-earned money. That is why LiveJasmin will always stand out. You will not regret using your 50 dollars on this site, since its design and the available models will definitely reward you with that experience you are looking for. You should not look elsewhere after reading this review. Why can’t you decide to try it for yourself; perhaps you will learn even more things that way. One notable thing is that the site is not a onetime visit. If you try even for the first time, you will definitely come repeatedly. Its highly cinematic quality, attention to detail, and filming is what has also made it to be the best interracial today.

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