We often hear of people planning pleasure trips to places like Pattaya or Amsterdam, which are known to be famous to ‘serve’ people well. So, imagine if you get to save all that air fare money and what you pay for your stay, with just a few simple clicks. Think that is possible? Do you think it is possible to get the ultimate pleasure by sitting in the comforts of your home, with a chilled beer and some really carefully selected babes at your disposal? Well, the good news is, YES! Yes it is possible to get that at none other than Imlive.

Imlive unlike other sites has a variety to choose from and you will find only direct links to build direct contact with the one you choose to be pleasured by. The USP of this site is its webcam facility. With everyone running such a busy schedule these days, it may not always be possible to invite someone over or visit them instead, just to get pleasured. Some people prefer laying in bed, and getting ‘laid’, digitally. With the advent of technology, this has now become possible and it is as real as it can be. Imlive has categories that you can choose from as per your preference and mood. So, I am here to give you a little insight into the features and design of this site, so that you waste no time in visiting and making it your one stop destination for some serious action.

When you open your browser and punch in Imlive, you’re automatically directed to its very promising homepage. The images that pop up are all bit enticing and it can take you to another place altogether. Although, there is a pop up which tries to ensure that you are above 18 and legal to access the site. Since the usage of webcam is rampant here, you cannot lie about your age and get caught. Not only will you be left hanging, but it can get a wee bit embarrassing for you as well, just saying! The images on the home page are all high resolution and opens in no time unlike other sites which take forever to access. There are some slick models/babes for your perusal and pleasure but before you narrow it down to one of them on the homepage, why not explore your options by clicking on the different category.

Important tip: I am writing the imlive review keeping in mind all the audience who actually have a working webcam on their systems, without which half of this won’t be possible.
As soon as we click on the category, we have a wide number to choose from. Based on your preference, you can browse through these at your leisure as each one of these ‘stars’ can rock your world! Let us now go through each of these categories and try to find what best will suit your need.

To access the site for free video sex chat all you need to do is come up with a username and password and provide your email id as well. Currently, there is an option of joining the site for free so hurry before it goes away. Another new feature that distinguishes this site from others is the ‘House of Games’. Here you can find super fun activity shows which are directed by the members. And guess what, you get two FREE daily 2 minute Teasers to watch. Now, isn’t that exciting?? Well, you can get this and more if you join the site

1. Girls alone: Here you have the freedom to chat with a girl who is available ONLY for you. By clicking on this category you will find about 582 girls, from which you can pick one for your entertainment. The best part is, it’s all free sex video chat! All you have to do is join and become an active member. By clicking on any of the girls, a window opens up which connects you to the babe of your choice. You will find an attractive girl waiting for you at the other end and now the ball’s in your court. Whether you want to switch on your webcam or have a sexy chat with her, that’s up to you. What happens at imlive, stays at imlive.

2. Shy girls alone: If you prefer someone who is coy and shy when it comes to sex, this is the best category to choose from. The girl on the other end may be exactly who you’re looking for. All you need to do is tap into her sexuality and get the game going. You have about a 100 odd options to choose from. This can take you through 3 and a half months of amazing pleasure, each day a different girl for you.

3.Outdoor cam: As the name suggests and if you like someone who enjoys public display of everything, then you have arrived at the right place. There are some awesome babes who can dare to bare it for you. Just make sure you have a good internet connection at all times just until the climax of this ‘outdoor’ experience.

4. Fetish and BDSM: Fifty shades of Grey, left an impact on all of our minds but what if you can have the same experience through imlive? You have some pleasure dolls ready to be raw, nasty and dirty with you by throwing on costumes and handling toys just the way you like it. If you have a fetish, we will fulfill that wish! So throw on some nasty and get it going with this category.

5. Friends and Romance: While most of us have a very sexual side to us, that we don’t refrain from letting out; there are some who like to start off slow. This is where you can start off by having friends with benefits. You can chat with them and then take it from there. There can be a better connection for you to build with these babes. While this could be one of the options, romance can follow. It is very difficult for a guy and a girl to remain just friends. I mean common, we were all wired to be curious about our sexuality and there’s no denying that. So here is a chance to get romantic and then may be get to the sex part of it.

6. Guy and Girl (couples): Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘the more the merrier’? Well, this category will give you just that! Here you have a guy and a girl who you can get pleasured by. This is as good as it gets as the stars on imlive are the best around and there is no way you won’t be physically attracted to either of them. The combination of having a video chat with two very hot and tempting people of different genders, can just set the temperature soaring. So if you have time in your hands for a long night of action ahead, click on this category.

7. Girl on Girl: This one is open to two kinds of people – lesbians and men with the girl on girl fetish! For lesbians, this can be the ultimate sexual fantasy to have two girls seduce and have sex with each other right in front of you. For a man, this is the place where he goes to when his dreams take place in heaven. Girl on girl action is the ultimate fantasy a man keeps playing in his mind ever since he explored his sexuality. So here we have beautiful babes joining together just to give you a good ‘hard’ time.

8. Guy on Guy: If you’re happy and ‘gay’ then Hurray! Men here can serve you well and they definitely have what it takes. You can sit back and enjoy the act while getting it on yourself. The best bods are in business here and imlive ensures they please your eye as much as they can please your loin. So, fire up and watch these sexy men getting it on with each other.You can also be a part of it through chat and webcam and trust me it is going to be one helluva experience.

9. Threesome/groups: This is quite popular for couples or friends who like more than one partner for themselves.Sex can make you greedy and needy at the same time. Right now, the site doesn’t have much option to choose from in this category but there’s always a surprise waiting after a long haul. So do not fret, just mingle the group that is available as they definitely know what they’re doing. Make sure you invite your sexual partner over too, so that you can experiment on this side of the screen by making them do something on the other side of it.

10. Guy alone (gay): Some of us like our privacy and the men in this category will offer you just that. They can be sweet, smart and sexual for you. So waste no time and choose from the options provided and get the conversation going. Gay men can literally stimulate you with just the way they look at you. They also have the gift of the gab and can pleasure you with their talk. Since, the chat option is available, why not make use of it?

11. Guy alone (straight): I’m sure the straight women were wondering if they could have a man all to themselves or not. To capitalize on that thought, there is definitely a man waiting to lure you into that wonderment of yours. He can take you to a level you haven’t reached before but dreamed of reaching in all likelihood. He is alone and needs your company, so throw on something sexy and bare a little for him so he’s not the only one trying to lure you into sex chat. You could also try and drink together on either sides of the screen so that the mood is set and there’s no time left to regret.

12. Trans alone: Some of us like our men, some women. But there are some others who want the best of both worlds. This is the place they can find this! Transexual beauties or romeos are available on imlive. You have currently a number of 40 to choose from. So you can explore your options and then have your favorite who can pleasure you. The best part is you can have a sexy chat with them, before taking it any further. If you like what you see on the other end, then switch on your webcam and start exploring each other. I am sure there will be a lot of steam from what I see.

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What a time to be LIVE?!

That is what I think when I sat and wrote my imlive review. So now that the categories are clear, let us move on to the other features of this site. In case you want to get to the best babes or guys on the site and you have no time to browse through the articles, there is something called the ‘Hall of Fame’. Here you will find the best rated guys and girls who you can click on to find out what got them to the’Hall of Fame’. Next, you have the most attentive nominees. You can be rest assured that you aren’t wasting your time, effort or internet on them. They’re going to fulfill your desires with all the attention you need.

Also, you have the Top gamers who are the ones with an interesting profile and who profess their sexuality and their likes and dislikes out in the open. You will find some nominated to be the Top gamer and by clicking on them, you will see a little more of them in terms of profile and if you like what you see, then go for it!Best newbies is another tempting feature of the site. It introduces you to the hot newbies on imlive and you can very well decide if you want to get served by them or not. Trust me, most of the members would definitely want to get served by the newbies as they may have previously explored other options.Diamonds are a girls best friend! This is a common saying.

But what if the girls are diamonds themselves? Yes,on imlive we have ‘diamonds’ very specifically chosen for you. They are rare, they are ready to bare and they are the ones we trust in,to give you a good time. They are undoubtedly gorgeous and sparkly so if you want to feel as unique as a diamond, choose one of our imlive diamonds to pleasure you and indulge in some ‘activity’ of your likes. Another fantastic feature is the discount club. For now you can find LIVIACHOICE on the discount club. You have the option of joining it but you can first check out her profile, her likes, interests, more about her etc. and then take a call. This club could actually get you some one or the other at a discount. The word discount anyway brings more attraction to the market or when you are out shopping. So if you have a discount on someone as sexy as these sirens, why not avail of it?

One of the other highlights of imlive is the Pornstar show. In a days time it will be live and kicking on the site. So if you are still in two minds, don’t be and just make up your mind and join the community at imlive. Better hurry and do it now so that you don’t miss out on any of the special offers or features that imlive has to offer. I would love to leave the rest to all of you to explore and build your curiosity about the site by visiting it first. On seeing how active and easy to access this site is, you will definitely want to be members of it. There is no other site that has so many key features on their site as imlive does.

One more reminder is that you need to ensure of a good webcam that you can have handy if you want a personal experience to be of some value to you. Next thing is to ensure of good internet connectivity so that there is no disturbance of any sorts.Imlive needs more active members on it’s site so that it can aim at offering some more discounts and features for the likes of its users. Take your time and spend adequate time on each of the above features, so that you can get an absolute idea as to what you can get from imlive and what others on imlive have to offer. It is definitely something that I am personally interested in as work keeps me busy and it leaves very little time to spend on other things. I would definitely like a good nights sleep by interacting with some of these pleasure stars and I am sure so would most of you enjoy the same.Another thing you can do is, compare other sites with imlive. To begin with, most webcams won’t be accessible or in working condition. So, this ruins your experience and also your night.

Second, most of the sites don’t have so many options to choose from to give you that live experience. They may have well shot videos which you can click on and watch. But there will be no connection between you and the pornstar. Whereas at imlive, each pornstar you choose, becomes yours for that particular time and there is nothing better than having that kind of personal experience while staying in YOUR own bed and in your home.

One quick reminder about the 2 minute trailer which you can watch once you become a member on imlive. Two minutes can change the way you perceive a porn site and it will definitely leave you wanting for more. Our members have all worked towards making these trailers a success, so keep this in mind and find more reasons to become a member at the site.

Finally, forget about pleasure trips to fancy places. There is exotic on imlive and there is girls next door too. Depending on the mood of our audience and members, we have made pleasure trips easily accessible at the click of a button. Imlive is one of those shopping sites that you get addicted to once you get a hold of all the discounts and features that the site offers. Instead of ‘buying’ clothes online, here you are ‘joining’ to make a connection that will end up in pleasure and which has no strings attached. And where do you think you will find such an amazing platform and space to get everything you need under one roof? Only here at imlive! I am sure that my imlive review will only attract more members for the site for I know many like me, will be lonely and would definitely want some ‘action’ for the night. Why night alone, it can also be for when I have some free time at work or when I want to skip some family function. The best time is when the house is all to yourself and you have the liberty to do as you like and fast, because no one can hog your internet speed during that time.

In all its exclusivity, imlive also has a support center that you can reach out to at any given point of time. In case you do face some sort of trouble, you can reach out to the site developers or in charge through the support center. Another important thing about imlive is the anti spam policy. As the term goes, you can be rest assured that there are no kind of spammers ruining your experience for you. Also, there can be some links on other sites which lead to unwanted pages that can bring about a virus or can charge you for visiting it. At imlive, none of this can happen as direct link and communication is the key.So, please clear out your work desk and move over to the party tonight on this very easy to access site. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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