Ifriends has been out there for quite a while, so they have some experience in keeping it up with the current. It may seem to be an ordinary webcam site, but it is still one of the first to introduce new features. It’s not easy to stay on top when there are so many new sites that offer private cam sessions, but iFriends does a great job. They literally have a page “about us” filled with their achievements, and they actually have all the right to brag about it.

Their site seems to be in constant growth, and they always have room for new staff members – that is the only site of this type where you see “careers” button, they are always scouting for new and fresh. That is the professional side of it, but for me it is of some value, because apart from naughty stuff and entertainment, it’s always a pleasure to entrust your time and money to someone who cares about the job they are doing.

An incredible range of girls and women (and men) to choose from. Thousands of exquisitely different faces and bodies to satisfy every taste and fantasy. From the innocent up to most challenging and interesting, as per their own description, the girls “are looking to take sex to the next level”, and it’s not a lie. It is always a pleasure to spend time on this platform, there are so many different opportunities to have fun and relax.

There’s always a vast choice of models online, or you can enter in a fan club and get acquainted with images and videos you favorite girls wants to share. It is a rather large community where you can feel free to express yourself, they even got “Activity Badges” for the members, it’s a cute feature.

Another top notch point in favor of this site are cam sessions of porn stars, they might not be so frequent as you could wish for, but it is always an impeccable pleasure to have a look at the girl in live mode when you have always seen her only in some staged brushed up version. It gets the world of great women nearer to you.

A cool thing to do was the instant tipping, not only because the girls on the other side of the screen deserve to be tipped as soon as possible, but also because in certain sessions that is the way to get their attention, and be able to have your wish heard and fulfilled instead of that of someone else. The quality of cameras is always pleasing, although these days that should be a norm, if you have a good look around, you may see that it’s far from it, so finding such a big platform, that has a leveled quality of all the cams available takes off your mind such an annoyance as not being able to see very good.

To further keep you interested, it is the only platform I know of that gives you a theoretical possibility to get the girl’s contacts – they don’t have a strict rule prohibiting it. For me it has been kind of an incentive to go further, even if it never got to that, but it is the intrigue that counts after all.

It’s nice that there are different kinds of affiliation, with different features you get to use. One I preferred more was the cam2cam, something that not every model is eager to give, and not every visitor, I guess, wants to do. In general, one comes to these type of sites to have some fun with the coverage of anonymity, that keeps the things much relaxed. But after some time, having found your favorites, you might want to make it more personal, and show your face to the obliging hostess that keeps you entertained.

That isn’t a platform that is easily forgotten, at least because it is in constant evolution, and you never get bored browsing through thousands of models to choose from and dozens of features. And if you get lost, there’s live chat support, which is splendid – you don’t have to wait to solve any problem, you can ask and get help right away.

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