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Evelive features a wide selection of female, male and transsexual webcam models from all over the world. This variety is truly appealing. Evelive allows users to sort by just about everything, including language spoken, age, sexual preference and origin, along with physical attributes like cup size, build and hair color. If you’re looking to spice things up or find new experiences, this site is a good way to go. One of the most interesting search features is under its extra category, which includes piercings, tattoos, fetish and BDSM.

While you might not expect for a lot of the categories on the site, (no doubt your favorites will turn up often), you’d be very wrong. Even the kinkiest searches turn up good results on Evelive. The display is another great feature, with the cam girls prominently appearing in large boxes when you enter and browse the site. It saves you the trouble of having to click on each one like on some other webcam sites. The display and chatroom boxes are big enough for you to get a good idea of what to expect in a live sex cam session.

Check out some of the site’s most important features below:

Variety of cam girls and models

Again, this is what truly makes this website. You could visit Evelive day after day and have a completely different experience with its many search options.

Ease of Search

Evelive makes searching easy with its advanced search function. It allows users to pick exactly what they want across all categories. This is a unique feature that sets it apart from many other webcam porn sites that don’t have a lot of specialized search capability, usually making users choose from among a few different search functions and then not allowing them to select multiple categories under each or mix them.

The large displays of the models throughout the site saves so much time on searching as well. You can also view images of the different models by clicking on their profiles, whether they’re online or not. This paired with the ability to message models when they’re offline makes it possible to schedule shows that work better for you, making your favorite models a lot more accessible. The models are able to write their descriptions themselves as well which can be very useful for you, the client, too. They tell you just what they like, but more importantly, what they’re able to do for you.

The site also has all the typical search options, like top-ranked models and featured new models. The top-ranked feature can be handy if you want to know who is the most popular cam girl at the moment, but with all the customization available here, the site lends so well to kink that it’s almost a shame to rely too much on the top search option. I prefer to really get detailed with my searches here, with mu own preferences depending on what I’m in the mood for at the time.

Display Quality and HD-options

While not always perfect, the display quality for most of the models is very good, even the international ones. The site has an HD option allowing those with the technology to really enhance their experience. Most of the models are accessible with the HD-option activated.

The only real display issue in the past was that the webcams sometimes could freeze up. It would usually go away after a couple of seconds, so it was not a big issue. Once you get into a webcam chat and it starts and get going, there are rarely any problems. If Evelive operated like a lot of other webcam sites do where you have to click on each profile to get a good idea of what the models look like, then it could be more of a problem. But since you can perform searches based off images of the different models on the main display, it doesn’t muck things up too much. You stop even really noticing it after a while.


The pricing is similar to a lot of webcam sites, with some more free options than average. You can view many of the non-show streams without paying and communicate with most models for free as well. The payments deal is in webcam chat credits, and you get 25 free credits when you sign up. There are often good price deals on credits, with the average price per credit circling around 25 cents. You’re able to tip the models on the free chat or inside their live sex cams. The rates for the different cam girls vary as well as live shows, which anyone willing to pay can join, (averaging around 15 credits) and private shows, (which only you can see), averaging around 25 credits. The ability to communicate so much with the models before going into a show is unique and can contribute a lot to the overall experience. You get to ask the models before going in if they’re willing to do what you want them to.

Private Chats

Another cool thing about this site is that it allows you to interact privately with the cam girls. You can switch the free chat off between private and public chat and set your shows too private or public as well. Both definitely have their advantages. Sometimes it’s fun to get other people in on the action, talking about how hot the performer is with you, and helping to fire them up and come up with good ideas for the live sex show. At the same time, sometimes you want that alone time, for instance if you’re looking for something a little more kinky. With Evelive, you’re really able to get the best of both worlds.

Customer Service

I find customer service to be very important, especially when it comes to webcam sites. While a model may have agreed to something when starting a chat, they may not always deliver, and things can come up where they log off before you’ve had the chance to orgasm. You might want a refund in a situation like that. Even worse, you might have a billing issue. Evelive has several numbers you can call from many of the countries that it serves for customer support. Evelive also uses a credible billing option (Epoch.com), so you can rest assure that your financial information is kept safe and secure when buying credits form the website.

Mobile Compatibility

Unlike many of its competitors, this site works pretty well with most smartphones. Using it on my iPhone, I get a clear stream and I am able to communicate with the models without any issues. While that might seem like a kind of a small screen to view webcam sex on, sometimes you’ve just got to go in the middle of something and want to keep watching – or simply want to check if your favorite model is on. This function has come in handy for me a number of times, even in discreet locations like the office.

Couple and Group Play

While the site has more solo performers than anything else, it’s got a fairly extensive selection of couples and groups. That’s not the case for many webcam sites. Personally, this is an enormous plus for me. While you can view multiple screens at once on a lot of webcam sites, that doesn’t at all compare to actually getting to see live couple play. Because it features men seeking men and women seeking women, you can even get couples of the same sex. Yes, two girls kissing, and scissoring, is not uncommon on Evelive.

When to Logon

Like with most webcam porn sites, you’re going to most often catch the models in the evening hours, close to when people usually head to bed. Because the models are in locations all over the world with Evelive, you can always get a good selection, though not necessarily models that speaks your language (English usually works fine anyway).

How It Appeals to Gays and Trans

For gays and the trans folk out there, Evelive can be a solid place to look for action. It’s got a decent selection of hot men and transsexuals. For lesbians it’s no doubt one of the best options around.

History and Favorites

These are some of the best features at Evelive. When you’re going through a session, it’s easy to forget to bookmark a model you really liked or lose track of who you were talking with. Using these features, however, you can star your favorite performers and go back to see who you were previously viewing. While the ability to favorite is pretty common, the history function is more unique to this site and has been very handy for me. After a while, you can build your own portfolio of sexy hot cam girls.


The website allows you to schedule alerts so that you can be made aware via email when your favorite cam girls log on. If there’s one that’s hard to catch, this can be an important feature. Once you establish a relationship with a model, it’s usually not so hard to schedule a time with them, but with this fluctuating of the business, most models aren’t going to plan their time around someone they’ve never worked for. You’re able to set the timeframe that you want to receive alerts along with the maximum number of alerts that you’d be willing to receive in a day.


Evelive also has a newsletter function that allows you to receive information on deals, discounts, new webcams and special shows sent to your email address. I think this is a cool feature. With many porn sites you just have to keep checking back every so often to see if anything’s changed, but this way you stay on top of things. It’s especially important for things like special shows. With all the kink this site offers, those no doubt appeal largely to its viewership, so it’s good that the site makes a real effort to keep its clients in the know.


With its secure payment system and accessible customer service, this site seems much safer than most. I’ve never had a problem with its security in the few months that I’ve been using it. It also has a privacy policy, an anti-spam policy and a user agreement. I felt confident entering my credit card details and have yet to be over-charged or billed for something I didn’t order.

The site requires all of its models to be at least 18 years old and send in identity documents to confirm their age. This strongly helps to relieve the fear that any possible illegal activity could be going on.

Employment Opportunities

If you’ve ever thought of starting in the webcam business or see a possible career for yourself here, the site makes it pretty easy to apply. There are options to apply both to become a model or a webmaster.

Models earn somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of the income, with a 60 percent special during their first month. That’s a pretty standard pay scale for webcam work, which often shells out around 50 percent to the contributor. While that can seem low at first glance, it’s important to consider that you’re being provided with a top infrastructure that has thousands of clients coming right to you.

Like a lot of webcam sites, it’s partnered with others, so some of the profiles show up across multiple websites. The partners here are Xcams and CamBabes to mention a few. That allows you to get more visitors to your profile and from audience groups that would be more attracted to one of the other sites. The requirements to be a webcam model are just that you’re over 18, have a webcam, own a computer and have a high-speed internet connection. That’s pretty basic, making the possibility open to most.

On the webmaster side, a lot of the payout is based on what kind of web traffic you can bring to the site, again with a fairly standard compensation method.

Why This Site Is Worth Adding to Your Favorites, or Even Sticking to Exclusively

The variety that Evelive offers is just something special. You can go from intense and hot solo play to couple action just like that, or even enjoy both at the same time. Moreover, you can find so many different types of models on here. That’s made infinitely better by the ability to search so accurately for what you’re looking for. From a young Latino woman with B cups, a medium figure, tattoos and black hair to a German-speaking, middle-aged transsexual with D cups and blonde hair? Whatever you’re looking for can no doubt be found on Evelive!

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